Vessel Performance Solutions

Our business is analysis of operational data from ships. We support ship owners/operators with creating insight into their fleet performance, without having to install equipment or software, but only through analysis of existing operational data.

During our time in the maritime business, we have encountered many owners/operators with plenty of available operational data, but with limited experience and knowhow of performance analysis.

We therefore believe that we can improve operational efficiency by applying our analysis on any set of operational data, normally gathered as either noon (manual) reports, or through the use of autologging systems. We believe our services can be used in addition to the analysis services offered by the company that collects data, since our approach is normally more holistic and provides easy accessible results.

We do provide a data collection tool for clients, where their current data collection is insufficient for performance analysis. In some cases, the operational data collected by operators or shipmanagers does not contain the basic data required. However, in our experience, most of the operational data (noon data) already collected will be sufficient for us.

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