Dania Ship Management

Dania Ship Management was established in 2017 as a partnership with V.Group, a leading global marine and offshore vessel management provider.
The partnership ensures that we deliver high-quality ship management to vessels and enables a robust response to the increasing demands towards ship management in our specific industry.

Late 2017, we entered into an agreement with Clipper Fleet Management, part of the Clipper Group, extending our capabilities to include dry cargo under the company Dania Ship Management Bulk. The shore-based employees are located respectively in V.Group’s location in Mumbai and in our office in Copenhagen.

The partnership strengthens all parties to create a compelling platform for Copenhagen based ship management solutions.

We are located in the maritime heart of Copenhagen, Denmark. Our company is incorporated in line with the Danish Tonnage Scheme provisions to offer a both local as well as international ship management core with access to V.Group’s specialized global ship management capabilities and experience in the operations of chemical and other sophisticated vessels.

Our overall aim is to assure clients of continuity and commitment to safety, operational excellence and service, and continue to provide excellent support with service second to none within all sections of ship management.

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