Professor for Ship Operation and Industrial Plant Engineering

Application deadline:  June 15th 2023

Working time: Full time

Flensburg University of Applied Sciences (FUAS)
The position is allocated with the Centre for Maritime Studies at FUAS which enjoys an excellent reputation due to numerous research projects as well as contract research activities and continuing and further training. The annually held conference Informationstagung zur Schiffsbetriebsforschung (ISF-Tagung) contributes to the Centre’s reputation and the strengthening of its network. This network includes numerous partner institutions from industry and research – from our region, from Germany, Denmark and from across the world.

Flensburg University of Applied Sciences
Postfach 15 61
24905 Flensburg,Germany

Your tasks:

  • Holding lectures and classes in the fields of ship operation engineering and industrial plant engineering as well as simulator training in the bachelor’s degree programme Ship Operation and Industrial Plant Engineering and additional bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes. The main working language and language of instruction in the Faculty is German, English is used on some occasions.

  • Coordination of the degree programme (taking turns with other colleagues).

  • Dealing with vocational aspects  relevant for the degree programme recognition to award the schiffstechnische Befähigungszeugnis (marine certificate of competence) to the graduates of the Ship Operation Engineering major.

  • Academic and scientific supervision and further development of maritime installations for teaching and research

  • Research and development, technology transfer, participation in FUAS’ political bodies, representation of Ship Operation and Industrial Plant Engineering in the context of politics, industry and society

Your qualifications and experience:

  • STCW Certificate of Competence as engineer officer with no limitation on management level

  • Several years of experience as an engineer officer or in superintendence or a similar position, ideally as chief engineer on board

  • Thorough knowledge of marine engineering

  • Didactic aptitude

  • Ability and willingness to play an active role in specialised bodies on maritime topics, to teach classes in English and to acquire third party funding for research and technology transfer projects as well as lead these projects from a subject-specific perspective

In addition to the general employment requirements according to civil service law, the applicant will have to fulfil the following criteria in accordance with §61 of the Schleswig-Holstein Higher Education Act [HSG]: successful completion of a postgraduate degree, pedagogical and didactic aptitude, particular competence in academic work which is normally demonstrated by the good quality of the doctorate. Further requirements are: special achievements in the application or development of scientific findings and methods as part of a minimum of five years work experience, three of which must have been completed outside a university environment. The Higher Education Act is available online: (in German).

Please note that in accordance with §61 para. 5 of Schleswig-Holstein’s Higher Education Act (HSG) candidates can be chosen for the position of professor without having completed a doctorate if there is proof of their extraordinary achievements and abilities in their relevant professional career and their pedagogical aptitude.

Your opportunities:

  • Create an impact in your area of teaching and research

  • Set up Industrial Plant Engineering as a new major of its own in the existing degree programme Marine Engineering and support our team of colleagues in creating a new degree programme Marine and Industrial Plant Engineering

  • Be an active part of knowledge and technology transfer as well as research activities and get involved in other parts of our university, too

  • Participate in trainings in teaching and didactics